Designer Lee

Visual Merchandiser


Personal Summary

Highly creative with the ability to drive brands forward through innovative visual schemes and concepts. Processing a proven ability to make a strong impact with visual merchandising and have a flair for redesigning in-store layouts to drive sales forward. Have strong product knowledge and global working experiences in Unites States, South Korea, and in Paris. Continuously implementing visual guidelines to make sure that visual standards are maintained at all items.


Key Skills and Competencies

  • An ability for combining colors and styles and putting outfits together.
  • An eye for interior designs and putting showroom displays together.
  • Experience of space or visual planning within the retail sector.
  • Achieving business objectives by delegating.
  • Proven ability to make commercial decisions that make an impact.
  • Excellent sense of brand empathy.
  • Fully mobile with good time management skills
  • Possess fashion design skills


Areas of Expertise

  • Product placement
  • Space planning
  • Creative
  • Maximizing sales opportunities
  • Fashion retail merchandising
  • Fashion Design




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